Our Life in Boxes


Such a bummer that it’s been a good nine months since I’ve last written. I have been working on quite a few things which, fingers crossed, I’d get to write about as well so it doesn’t get too quiet too long around here.

Just a quick run through though. We’ve finally moved out of the Gray House. And I would love if you’d hang around a bit for the next project as it is coming soon. 😉

For now, headquarters is at our third floor apartment. And because we’re too cheap to spend for the remodeling of this temporary digs, we’ve had to dig deep deep into our creative reserves to make it as comfortable as we can at very minimal cost. And tadaaah!

Our “brilliant” solution are storage boxes. Well, arguably. But see, we’ve piled them everywhere and used them as everything – headboard, divider, decor, table tops, and well.. storage. They’ll come in handy in future too as this definitely is not the last of our moving spree. Good bang for the buck, you think?

On a different note, we’d also been backpacking through a few countries in indochina and off to some wonderful local destinations, too, which Clint Cyril (a very pushy reader of this blog) has been hankering me to write about.

So.. until then (and not too long this time). 🙂


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