Instagram Wife

Much has been said about the instagram husband. I’ve got one. But unlike the many others, he doesn’t have to be blackmailed and/or sweet talked into taking photos. He does so voluntarily; and at times, even asks to take my photo. Such a rare creature! He loves cameras and I’m his favorite subject (or so I’d like to think). :p

So to return the favor, I try to take some decent ones of him as well. And while I do not have the same fervor for the subtle intricacies and technicalities of photography, I do enjoy playing it by ear. And when feeling particularly crazy creative, I climb railings, crouch behind bushes, and many-a-times squat on the pavement to get a shot.

These photos were taken around Japan. In case you are wondering, some places really were mingaw; at some others, you have to angle and click the camera the exact millionth-of-a-second when there’s no throng of people showing. That’s some instagram wife skill, no? πŸ˜‰


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