The Brunch Life

Lately, we aren’t able to eat dinner together on most days of the week. To make up, we make it a point to have a slow sit-down breakfast/brunch before starting the day. We take turns cooking but Continue reading “The Brunch Life”


Spicing Up Our Kitchen: Before And After

Cooking at home is all kinds of wonderful because: first, it’s economical; second, it’s fun; and lastly, it’s healthier. Maybe I got the order of those three mixed up, but you know.. priorities. :p Continue reading “Spicing Up Our Kitchen: Before And After”

Hey, Hey, Taipei

You know those places that never really cross your radar but then you end up going because fare is cheap?ย  :p Well, that’s how we got to Taipei in Taiwan, to be honest. No expectations. But then, Continue reading “Hey, Hey, Taipei”

Travel, Have A Car, Own A Home – Debt Free In Your 20s

On the one hand is the older generation’s subscription to acquiring worthwhile properties first and delaying the enjoyment of certain luxuries (such as travel); and upon the other is the millennial propaganda of spending everythingย  Continue reading “Travel, Have A Car, Own A Home – Debt Free In Your 20s”

Flip That Tiny Bathroom

Said ‘new’ house in Run-Down came with a tiny bathroom. Not only was it tiny, it was one of the worst bathrooms I’d seen. There was Continue reading “Flip That Tiny Bathroom”