Travel, Have A Car, Own A Home – Debt Free In Your 20s

On the one hand is the older generation’s subscription to acquiring worthwhile properties first and delaying the enjoyment of certain luxuries (such as travel); and upon the other is the millennial propaganda of spending everythingΒ  Continue reading “Travel, Have A Car, Own A Home – Debt Free In Your 20s”


Flip That Tiny Bathroom

Said ‘new’ house in Run-Down came with a tiny bathroom. Not only was it tiny, it was one of the worst bathrooms I’d seen. There was Continue reading “Flip That Tiny Bathroom”


This is the.. er.. ‘new’ house. :p Don’t go saying it looks dreadful because then.. you’d be right. :p We acquired it with a tenant so it wasn’t totally derelict. But it still fell Continue reading “Run-Down”

Touristy Around Tokyo

Day one was sightseeing around Asakusa where we met a young couple who walked half a kilometer with us to get Continue reading “Touristy Around Tokyo”

Instagram Wife

Much has been said about the instagram husband. I’ve got one. But unlike the many others, he doesn’t have to be blackmailed and/or sweet talked into taking photos. He does so voluntarily; and at Continue reading “Instagram Wife”