Instagram Wife

Much has been said about the instagram husband. I’ve got one. But unlike the many others, he doesn’t have to be blackmailed and/or sweet talked into taking photos. He does so voluntarily; and at Continue reading “Instagram Wife”


Our Life in Boxes


Such a bummer that it’s been a good nine months since I’ve last written. I have been working on quite a few things which, fingers crossed, Continue reading “Our Life in Boxes”

Quirky Dates With The Mr.

Those movie + dinner dates are always good in my book but Clint and I have been together for over ten years now. We try to go off the beaten path every once in a while and, thus, this afternoon swimming date at Continue reading “Quirky Dates With The Mr.”

Scuba Diving Into Cebu’s Blues

Scuba diving always gave me the impression of being such a ridiculously expensive hobby only the ridiculously rich folks could afford. However, recent years have quashed that mindset as Continue reading “Scuba Diving Into Cebu’s Blues”

A Shot At Buzz Feed’s Chicken Wings

Those thirty second food videos are all over social media and this particular one has appeared a fair amount of times on my newsfeed. Looks simple enough with readily Continue reading “A Shot At Buzz Feed’s Chicken Wings”