Cruising Easy Days

You get days that are harried, and then you get days like this:
Slow brunch. A bit of a lie in.
Gents away to the gym, us ladies settled for the sauna.
Unhurried shower. Then off to the marina. Continue reading “Cruising Easy Days”

Lake Terrace

Dubai skyscrapers have a-mazing views that are anything but natural. This part of town for example is all man-made. As in the lakes were built, and the buildings strategically mapped around the lakes. Voila, real estate with top notch views.

We were fortunate to cop a condo at one of the towers but Continue reading “Lake Terrace”

The Brunch Life

Lately, we aren’t able to eat dinner together on most days of the week. To make up, we make it a point to have a slow sit-down breakfast/brunch before starting the day. We take turns cooking but Continue reading “The Brunch Life”

Spicing Up Our Kitchen: Before And After

Cooking at home is all kinds of wonderful because: first, it’s economical; second, it’s fun; and lastly, it’s healthier. Maybe I got the order of those three mixed up, but you know.. priorities. :p Continue reading “Spicing Up Our Kitchen: Before And After”

Hey, Hey, Taipei

You know those places that never really cross your radar but then you end up going because fare is cheap?  :p Well, that’s how we got to Taipei in Taiwan, to be honest. No expectations. But then, Continue reading “Hey, Hey, Taipei”