Quirky Dates With The Mr.

Those movie + dinner dates are always good in my book but Clint and I have been together for over ten years now. We try to go off the beaten path every once in a while and, thus, this afternoon swimming date at a nearby subdivision clubhouse.

We brought drinks and pastries. We even had puso (hanging rice) and lechon manok (roasted chicken) which didn’t make it in the photos because – well, out of place. :p

Clubhouses are away from the crowd, it’s very likely you’ll have the place all to yourselves. They usually charge minimal fees; and most don’t charge corkage, so you could bring as much food and drink as you want (but do clean up after yourselves). You could stay all day and you don’t have too far to go. I find they’re perfect for friends and family get togethers. Oh, and they make for cool dates, too. 🙂


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