A Shot At Buzz Feed’s Chicken Wings

Those thirty second food videos are all over social media and this particular one has appeared a fair amount of times on my newsfeed. Looks simple enough with readily available ingredients.

It happened to be a Valentine’s Day Sunday and though we don’t really celebrate the holiday, we do enjoy sunday “cook offs”. We took turns on the skillet and did all four variations staying relatively true to the recipes.

Liked the buffalo wings (lower left) best, largely because I’m partial to hot and spicy things. The garlic parmesan (upper right) was good, too, but I’d prefer a more saucy coating. Maybe some milk or cream to do the trick?

Clint got those heart-shaped Dunkin’ Donuts to add a touch of valentine’s on an impulse. We had a late lunch “picnic” in the middle of our living room (yeah yeah we’re weird, don’t judge). :p

And don’t be fooled by the prim and proper set-up.

We’re all wildlings when it comes to chicken wings. Cheers!


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