Be A Tourist In Your Own City

Who doesn’t love out of town trips and seeing new places? Sometimes though, we are constrained by time, budget, and/or energy to travel. Well, that shouldn’t stop us. When you think of it, our hometowns are tourist destinations for non-locals after all.

There’s a voucher for a stay at any Crown Regency Hotel we got as a wedding gift that’s been burning a hole in my drawer. I figured it’s time for another feeling turista sa Cebu episode to get the home away from home vibe at short notice, less cost, and almost zero prep/travel time.

The plan was to just chill and try food spots that we’ve been taking for granted because they’re always going to be there anyway. We started off with a brunch date, which is very unusual for us, as brunch is never a date and always means eating at home in our sleepwear.

The place to be was Cafe Saree because of the thousand and one times I’ve been to Escario Central I’ve never tried them out, and because they serve all-day breakfast. We shared an eggs benedict with salad, cheese kaiser with sunny side up and rice between us; with hot and cold chocolate.

Then we checked into the hotel. A majority of the guests were tourists from the capital region, there was a good number of Koreans, and a sprinkling of westerners. It didn’t feel silly to be taking pictures at a place I practically see on a daily basis because everyone else were.

We spent the afternoon checking out the hotel facilities. We skipped the sky walk and edge coaster as we’d done it at some other feeling turista moment a while back. I’d recommend these activities though as they offer one-of-a-kind views of the city.

For dinner, we had roadside burgers at Fat Cow, a joint that has been making its rounds on local social media for quite sometime but for some reason we haven’t yet sought to try.

I remember them having a choice of white or wheat bun but I forgot the kind of burgers we ordered. Everything on the menu sounded good I don’t think you could go wrong. 😉

The next day started with breakfast at the hotel’s Cafe Glo. Possibly the most exciting part of hotel living are the breakfast buffets with the abundance of cereals and pastries and whatever breakfast food really, wouldn’t you agree?

After checking out, not wanting our two-day vacation to end so early in the day, we drove up the mountains in Busay to the Temple of Leah and on to an unplanned excursion to Adventure Cafe, Sirao Flower Farm, and Delice Recipes.

There are lots to see and discover right at your backyards. Get exploring. 🙂


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