DIY Christmas Tree and Decor

10 days to Christmas! Hurrah! But have you noticed the amount of christmas decor seen on the streets dwindle every year? Well, it’s my favorite holiday and I vowed to decorate our house even if we were the only lighted one in our block.

I wanted a personalized twig Christmas Tree so I carried this old branch from an abandoned lot at our neighborhood. And no, this is not an admission to trespassing (or worse, theft). :p It’s a fallen branch of a mango tree, by the way; and the only viable candidate I could find. It’s tall enough to graze our ceiling and thin enough to fit small corners.

It looked pretty enough by itself and I didn’t want to drown it in baubles so decorating it was pretty quick and simple. The only tricky part was tracing the tree’s outline with rice lights. I held the wire against the branch and wrapped it with tape in strategic sections as neatly as possible.

To have a frosty looking tree I stuck to whites and silvers only. We hung balls, mini christmas trees, and (fake) poinsettias in that color scheme.

Also, I put bells on the door, poinsettias on the bar, a string of lights on the shelves, and a santa on a small nook. All this takes about five minutes to do but quite enough to add a touch of christmas in every corner of your home.

Lastly, and for good measure, we outlined the house’s exterior with lights. We didn’t want anything that leaves a permanent mark on the walls so believe it or not, we only used tape and it stuck relatively well.

A couple hours and lots and lots of tape later et voila! We’re lighted up!

Have a Merry Christmas all! 🙂


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