Ad Libbed Mountain Road Trips

 We drove to Busay set on having lunch at Delice Recipes. I swear I saw a Delice Recipes signage by the highway when we went up the mountains once before. Maybe it was removed, blown by the wind, or blasted to smithereens for all I know, because we didn’t see any this time; so we kept driving up until we were well beyond Busay and straight into Balamban! It was way past lunchtime. Every person we stopped to ask didn’t have any clue what or where Delice Recipes is, there was no signal for mobile data, and we were running low on gas.

We stopped by Adventure Cafe hoping they had wifi so we could google map the way out of our predicament. Alas, they did not. They did serve good food and offered a pretty view of the mountains so we ended up having lunch there just as the fog started rolling in.

On the way back to the city, we took a detour to the sirao flower farm to check out what all the fuss was about. It was quite spontaneously adventurous of us as it was getting dark and it was a few miles of mountain road before the nearest gas station with only one bar of gasoline left! We’re such rebels.

The flower farm was deserted and the owner didn’t charge entrance fee that day, lucky us. Not as much luck for the garden though. There were a lot of bald spots and the remaining flowers looked quite forlorn from being trampled by overeager visitors I guess. We were there barely three minutes when it started to rain.

Back on the road to the city, and still quite determined, we took a turn to Tops Road and surprise surprise, Delice Recipes was on the way. We arrived at the perfect hour at twilight.

Lunch turned into dessert and hot pumpkin soup against the cold while watching the city below light up in the dark.

All’s well that ends well. 🙂


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