Surf Beaches and Street Food

The day had us frolicking at Echo Beach, admiring the view from the Pura Batu Mejan, and checking out seaside cafés.

Echo Beach does not take too kindly to beginner surfers with it’s furious waves frothing up to a sand and rock shore.

So we made our way to the middle of a rock out at sea and contented ourselves with breathing in the salty air, getting misted by sea spray, and watching seasoned surfers battle it out.

Then we’d moved from the villa in Canggu to a hotel in Kuta, right by the beach and smack at the heart of Bali’s vibrant commercial tourist hub.

Some beach side food stalls reminded me so much of pungko pungko back home. If we had a checklist of things to do whenever we find ourselves somewhere we’ve never been to before, number one would be to try out the street food. Street food is never the same for any two places so you’re guaranteed a one of a kind experience each time. Here are a few things I gathered from our street food episode in Bali.

It’s usual to use hands directly to handle food. Like literally pick and prepare your order with bare hands.

The Balinese like it hot. There’s practically a vat of extra hot chili on the table. I’m a fan of hot and spicy food myself but I watched in wonder as some locals would scoop three (3) spoonfuls (!) of it to mix with their noodle/rice meals.

The Balinese enjoy their herbs and spices. The food is just like everything else in Bali – wonderfully exotic and full of flavor.

What quirks have you encountered on your street food adventures? 🙂


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