Greatest Hits

This is our story thus far, as told by collection of videos played at the wedding party.

featured image

The first one is a brief memory lane with some of our individual pictures growing up, to when we met in high school, to college, and some of our joint adventures in nine years.

Then the video of the proposal. It’s completely candid as I didn’t know we were being filmed. I’ve already posted it here to answer all the “how did he propose” questions with a very wordy write up (you’ve been warned).

This next one is our engagement video. I really don’t know what pre-nup photos/videos are for. Does anyone? But they’re cool, so on to the bandwagon we go. :p

Last one is of wedding day highlights edited on-site by the talented Anthony de la Torre.

Our story thus far. To be continued… πŸ˜‰


Coordination by Vows β€˜R Us
Videos by Anthony de la Torre
Photos by Anjo’s Point Photography
Flowers and Decor by Joy Ceniza
Make Up by George Kyle β€œKael” Bontia
Gown and Suit by Harley Ruedas
Hosted by DJ Ho Ssein


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