Here’s To Two Thousand Peso ($50) Bali Villas!

You don’t book rooms in Bali; you get villas. There’s an abundance of charming accommodation and if you’re up for the expensive luxurious ones, you’ve got a great selection. But well, we’re budget travelers always looking for a good bargain. We came across the Balifornia Tropical Suite Villas listed on airbnb. Would you believe we got a villa – complete with kitchen, outdoor balinese shower, small lawn, and our own private pool – for only two thousand three hundred Philippine Pesos (about fifty one US dollars)?! If that isn’t enough of a steal already, it came with breakfast, too.

Our hosts greeted us with tea and a fruit platter, accommodated our questions on transportation and food, and were very kind to help us buy a local sim card. We spent our first two nights at the villa away from the hustle of the tourist hub. Exactly what we needed to recharge before taking on Bali’s wild side. But that’s another story. 🙂

PS, the last picture is copied from the airbnb listing.

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