Independence Day Dinner For Two

Home cooked by the husband. Could pass off as a pro, except for the moment of confusion as how to chop parsley; and oh, the part where he had to redo cooking the garlic in butter because the first try ended up fatally burnt. :p But really, everything turned out quite good.

Clint and I take turns cooking our meals. While not totally clueless in the kitchen we’re no seasoned cooks either, and still learning as we go.

On the menu was garlic butter shrimps, herbed pork, biryani rice, and macarons from Fat Fingers (fine, so the the rice was a cheat, we bought one of those McCormick rice cooker mixes). We set it up with candle light on the terrace; never mind the neighbors thinking we’re weird. :p

How’d you spend your holiday? πŸ™‚


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