Fifties Flashback

I’m not the girly girl looking for a fairytale wedding, but still, it felt overwhelmingly surreal walking down the aisle.

We went the traditional route with a church ceremony but kept it as personalized as possible. The processional order was different, the seating arrangement wasn’t the norm, there was no color motif, and all other details in between. A year long engagement and half a year planning and this is what it comes to. All well worth it. πŸ™‚

Our family and friends were very cooperative with the dress code. Look at how lovely they all are in their vintage 50s inspired attire.

Coordination by Vows β€˜R Us
Photos by Anjo’s Point Photography
Videos by Anthony de la Torre
Flowers and Decor by Joy Ceniza
Make Up by George Kyle β€œKael” Bontia
Gown and Suit by Harley Ruedas

One thought on “Fifties Flashback

  1. What a beautiful post Karen. You write so well..I love your way with wo&8r.Is#d217;m glad of this wind and the lower temperatures at the moment after the heat of recent days, giving us a chance to cool down before the heat rises again.

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