Prep Time

Call time for make up was five in the morning, barely had two hours sleep, and had to wake up at four. Lucky groom gets to sleep in ’til nine, hmph.

The lovely shabby vintage feel of the Henry Hotel was the perfect backdrop to our 1950s theme. We booked four rooms because Clint and I agreed not to see each other two days before the wedding, which was ridiculous as our rooms were right across the hallway. We were sneaking around the hotel and I had to have escorts see if the coast was clear. :p

Prep time went by so fast the obsessive part of me felt there were so many things left undone. But time doesn’t stop for worrisome brides so I sit back and let the day unfold – beautifully, I must say. πŸ™‚

Coordination by Vows β€˜R Us
Photos by Anjo’s Point Photography
Videos by Anthony de la Torre
Flowers and Decor by Joy Ceniza
Make Up by George Kyle β€œKael” Bontia
Gown and Suit by Harley Ruedas

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