Vinyl Records and Concert Tickets

Felt it would be such a cheat to copy one whole concept straight from pinterest; so I copied many concepts instead tried coming up with a design that’s basically a pell-mell of several online inspirations. It was quoted for a much higher amount than anticipated so.. we DIY, of course. The supportive fiance digitally translated the prototype I made. He’s tech-savvy, I’m a step short of being computer illiterate – perfect match. With the amount we would have paid someone else to do the invites, we were able to buy enough supplies and a new printer!

Once everything was printed, we spent four days assembling the sheets that will very likely be read once and then discarded forever! :p But it felt so good to have finally let my crafty side loose for the first time in a looong time.

Have you tried doing any old hobbies lately? 🙂


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