Steaming Hot

Spent some time in Hong Kong then crossed the border to Mainland China, Guangdong Province, City of Shenzhen. I’ve been to the city some ten years ago but I honestly did not recognize the place anymore. It may be my dismal memory or the place has changed so much in that span of time. It has become a huge metropolis but was eerily deserted (aboveground at least) and retained a lovely provincial feel with trees and greenery lining even the most vast of highways. There’s so much greens and browns you’d think you were viewing the whole city through a light sepia film.

Quick story so the title of this post makes sense. At a quaint restaurant we had lunch in, the server asked if we wanted tea or water. Since we just had tea, we asked for water. A few minutes later, he brought us a large full pitcher of steaming hot water (?!?). I know it was cold out but where I’m from we always drink cold, if not iced, water. Regardless, the meal was delicious. We left with our bellies full and our minds wondering if it was some joke misunderstanding or the Chinese really do prefer hot water during meals. Can anyone please enlighten on this? :p


6 thoughts on “Steaming Hot

  1. Nice photos! I was born in Shenzhen and haven’t visited in around 9 years; I heard from my dad that when he first landed, he thought he was in a different city haha.. and about the hot water, Chinese people generally prefer hot water because it’s healthier and there’s always health concerns regarding unboiled water too..


  2. I think Chinese really prefer hot water, if not tea, esp before meals. Besides, it’s also healthier than drinking cold water before meals. 🙂


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