On Going

A couple more weeks ’til renovation is completed. Then we’d have to get furniture and appliances. It’s both challenging and fun working everything into a budget while balancing design and function.

These are a few of my discoveries/insights/learnings thus far.

Prioritize. This applies especially to those working around a budget. You could cut back on the finish and furnishings and build big; or you could go small and allocate for a few details. We chose the latter.

Have a fund for miscellaneous expenses at the ready. Clint and I are meticulous planners but there were still a few items we missed though, such as certain fees for applications and clearances. They do not cost much individually but could add up to thousands put together. It’s impossible to calculate up to the last cent and it definitely helps to have a bit of allowance.

Windows, which are literally holes in the wall, could leave holes in your pocket. We were looking at curtains and blinds the other day and were quoted some P5,000+ for a one meter by one meter window. Then there’s the glass, grills, and screen. What if you’ve got ten of those!

Lighting makes a whale of a difference. We spent much time obsessing researching on light. There’s the type of bulb, electric consumption, wattage, then we went further and considered warmth in kelvins (K). A difference of 300K makes a big disparity in ambiance.

Invest in ample storage space. Even small spaces shouldn’t be shy of allowing a chunk just for storage. It’s so much better to keep all the clutter hidden rather than have it showing in the bedroom or living room or kitchen counters.

Know what you want, communicate openly, and be thoroughly hands on. Ok, I don’t mean do the carpentry yourself; but be there as much as you can. A lot can be done in a day; and you’re going to want to be there to attend to trivial matters as exactly what shade of gray the wall be painted, how many centimeters a shelf should be, where the drain is to be situated, and how many kelvins there are to a bulb!

Enjoy the process. Not much of an effort needed to do that though. 🙂


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