Twenty Things

I was tagged in on the ‘twenty facts about me’ craze months ago. I never thought about it then; but an introduction would make a good first entry, yes? Here goes.

  • Donna Marie is from my dad’s Donnan (unusual name, I know) and my mom’s Maria (which she only uses on paper).
  • I’ve been on the streets for Sinulog, since I was less than a year old. I’ve missed only one Sinulog in my lifetime (family had to go to Leyte for a wedding). #LumadnonNgaCebuana
  • I was taught how to drive when I was eleven.
  • Neutrals make up 85% of my closet. You’d rarely see me decked in color.
  • I have virgin eyebrows. They’ve never been cut, plucked, threaded, tweezed, shaved, waxed, or otherwise purposely shaped.
  • I could play the guitar and the drums but am a little lot rusty.
  • I don’t eat fish; and I haven’t had soft drinks / soda for twelve years now.
  • I put three tablespoons sugar into a half cup cooked oats. I’m constantly told off for having too much sweet.
  • I still think I was brainwashed into studying law.
  • I’ve been diagnosed with allergic rhinitis. I occasionally go partially deaf for weeks because of the friggin’ allergy.

  • I’ve lost count but I’ve read the entire Harry Potter Series at least nine times now.
  • I don’t scream on the roller coaster. I keep my mouth shut and end up with a constipated look.
  • Currently engaged to my first+only high school sweetheart.
  • I’m a longtime steroids user… for my pesky allergies. I have it in a nasal spray for rhinitis, and in a cream for dermatitis.
  • I am technologically challenged. I learned how to download movies just months ago.
  • I have sweaty palms. I had to do over an entire Chinese exam in preschool because I got my test paper so wet it tore.
  • I go barefoot when I walk on sand. Always.
  • It takes about a month and a half before I’m comfortable using a new toilet. It’s a real problem during travels.
  • I don’t wear my heart on my sleeve. I doubt even close friends have seen me cry.
  • If I had a bucketlist: (1) go on a safari; (2) sky dive, paraglide, bungee jump; (3) watch live burlesque (preferably Dita Von Teese). *wink*

What quirky facts do you have about yourself? 🙂


3 thoughts on “Twenty Things

  1. don.. 😀 I think I almost saw you cry when we were in high school.. hahaha.. 😀 😀 😀 just almost.. na amaze ko sa eyebrows.. ni scroll up jud ko to see your picture.. hahah.. 😀 miss you don!


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